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Ray Lewis eulogy at Art Modell's Funeral


On Tuesday Baltimore Raven linebacker Ray Lewis delivered a heart felt eulogy at Raven's owner Art Modell's funeral.  Ray stated that "there is no Baltimore Ravens if there is not a Mr. Modell vision."  Ray talked about the conversation that he had with Raven's current GM Ozzie Newsome who at the time was vice president of player personnel when Ray was drafted in 1995 as Ray asked Ozzie "what team are we gonna be?"  But it was Lewis' tale of how Modell would "kiss" him and the "fragrance" that Modell wore that brought laughs to the audience.  Ray stated that he would say "one day i'm gonna be like Art.  I meant it in a joking way because I always tried to figure out that fragrance that Art was always wearing.  You just always knew when papa was around or if he was just leaving."  Lewis definitely has a career waiting as a motivational speaker when he retires from the NFL.   

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