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A's make "Bernie Lean" dance video

Check out the video above as the Oakland A's do the "Bernie Lean" dance. Yep you guessed it, the "Bernie Lean" is just stumblin' around like a dead guy, more specifically Benie Lomax from 1989's "Weekend at Bernies" movie.

Bay area rappers ATM and IMD released the original Bernie Lean video back in April, and the A's took a huge liking to it. Coco Crisp recently made it his at-bat song, and players from the team have been seen doing "The Bernie" in the dugout to celebrate big plays.

I could totally picture Coco Crisp doing this in clubs all over the Bay Area. Just stumblin' across the dance floor, while people stare wondering what the hell is going on. One can only wonder what is next for the Bernie Lean? Perhaps it's headed toward Gangnam Style status.

Check out the original Bernie Lean Video below:

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