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Knuckleball! - Dickey, Wakefield, & Niekro

During batting practice before Wednesday nights New York Mets - Philadelphia Phillies game, a group of reporters interviewed knuckleball pitchers Phil Niekro, Tim Wakefield, and R.A. Dickey at Citifield.  All three pitchers star in the documentary film Knuckleball! which was released in theaters on Tuesday.  When asked the future of the knuckleball?, Wakefield replied "I don't think it will ever be extinct."  When R.A. Dickey was asked what Met not named R.A. Dickey has the best knuckleball?, Dickey responded "there are a handful of position players that think they do...  They all call me over to grade them out...  I'd say John Rauch and Lucas Duda for a position player."  Check out the Knuckleball! movie trailer below.

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