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Green Day gets Pissed Off During Concert


Green Day lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong went off the deep end when he was told that the bands scheduled 30-minute set was nearing its end during the "I Heart Radio" festival this weekend.

Here is what he said; "They say we got nine minutes left! I say boo to that f---ing s---!"  "I've been around since 19-f---ing-88!" he continued. "I'm not f---ing Justin Bieber, you motherf---ers. This is a f---ing joke! And now you're gonna give me one minute? Now I got nothing left. I got nothing left. I'm gonna show you what one f---ing minute looks like."

Pretty impressive way to go off on the the largest owner of radio stations in the country, good thing he has been doing this shit since 88!

Subsequently, Armstrong was check into rehab this morning for a "substance abuse" problem.  Get well soon buddy.

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