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Jon Miller does the 'Gangnam Style' dance

Check out the video above as San Francisco Giants broadcaster Jon Miller busts a move during his attempt at the "Gangnam Style" dance during the top of the ninth inning of SF's 8-4 victory over the Padres on Saturday night at AT&T Park.

I know "Gangnam style" is the most popular song in the world right now with over 259 million views and counting. But when Jon Miller starts doing the dance, you know it has official jumped the shark. I'm hoping this crazy goes away before everyone and their grandma thinks they are they funniest person in the world and makes their own video of it, like "Call Me Maybe," but unfortunately this seems like it's just the beginning. Expect a few more months of lame people thinking they are cool because they know about "Gangnam Style" before it officially goes to the graveyard with "Mambo Number 5" and "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

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