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The Bikini Hockey League is Here


34 seconds into the above clip, Kari Lake of FOX 10 Phoenix tells us that the Bikini Hockey League "might even draw bigger crowds than the [Phoenix] Coyotes."  I mean how insulted are you if you play for the Coyotes? The broadcaster may actually be right however, since the NHL is currently locked out.

At 2:58 FOX 10's John Hook takes it to another level by gushing that he is "amazed at the skill of the stick handling, they were talented." 

A total of 4:43 on The Bikini Hockey League FOX 10, not much going on in Phoenix these days I guess?

The BHL website states:
The Bikini Hockey League is taking the world by storm! With hundreds of initial prospect entries and media attention from across the world, you can't deny that the Bikini Hockey League is a sport the world is ready to see!


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