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Carmelo Anthony's New Jordan Brand Documentary

Jordan Brand has created a three part documentary called PLAYING FOR THE CITY THAT MADE ME which documents Carmelo Anthony's time spent as a youth in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and his return to New York City playing for the Knicks. The documentary features Knick legend Bernard King, the greatest lyricist ever; Nas, Carmelo's brother Justice, and his mother Mary. Melo sheds a tear when asking out loud "why is he [Melo] is the only one that really made it out?" when discussing Red Hook. Justice shows off the court where Anthony first played basketball. Melo follows up by telling a story where he was punished and not allowed to play in a summer game and he had to stack "tables and chairs" to watch the game out of his window. In part two King and Anthony have a laugh as King tells Melo that he wore a suit after each game and Anthony shoots back that he was "part of the reason that they changed the NBA dress code." MSG Networks Alan Hahn explains that the biggest cheer that Carmelo has received from the Garden crowd, was not for a made basket, or a dunk, but for when Melo dived into the stands going after a loose ball early this season. We'll post part three in the Jordan Brand Melo series when it is released.

Reader Comments (2)

I guess Melo forgot about Baltimore?

January 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterYoung Slim

No, it's not that he forgot about Baltimore, He's just remembering where he was born and where he is from and where it all started for him (his dream) and watching his brother and people in Redhook projects in Brooklyn, New york play ball. I'm quite sure he'll always remember Baltimore because its where he developed. he is just representing where he is from, that's all.

January 28, 2013 | Unregistered

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