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Russia Rolls Out The Welcome Mat for Press

Is the Russian Black Sea resort town of Sochi ready for this weeks Winter 2014 Olympics?  Um... It seems like that is a negative. 

According to reports, journalists arriving in Russia for the games have encountered many, and I mean many issues with the lodging arrangements in town.   It seems as if only six of nine scheduled media hotels are actually ready to receive guests, while the others are still under construction.  The issues have set off an avalanche of shit talk on social media, marvelous and amazing shit talk.  

Talk about a black eye for the country!  After seeing some of the photos, I have to think that Siberia is going to be a bit more populous after the games are said and done.  

Here are a few of the best tweets this far explaining the conditions: 

Who needs a lobby anyway?  They are overrated...  A room on the other hand, that is something totally different.  

Eleven rooms, 5 months in advance, sounds like enough time to get something worth while, no?  Not if you are going to the Olympics in Russia.  This is what you get...  


Not too bad if you ask me.  

It has all of the basics... A bed, a light and a picture of the man, the myth, the legend: King Putin. 

In addition, some of the bathrooms have two toilets!  Problem is, they are right next to each other... 

The Sochi toilets are not made to take any soiled paper, so a a bin is provided. 


This is a fair assessment of the situation, in my opinion.  

This is only a guess, but it seems that if you put toilet paper in the toilet you can cause a water-main break. So flush doodie paper at your own risk. 

Because when it comes back on, you will be dealing with shit tinted water. 

Or.. that could be Cognac..  You can never know, this is Russia after all. 

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