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Dak Prescott Gets Attacked On Spring Break

Mississippi State qb Dak Prescott was left  bloody a little bloody after he and two teammates got jumped in the parking lot of a concert in Panama City Beach, Fla., while on spring break.

It's not a good look for a guy that's a Heisman candidate to be getting involved in this type of shit and getting beat up.

It's also not a good look to be wearing a sweat-suit that most grandpas own, like the guy who was attacking Dak was doing, while on spring break.

Oh well, Spring break FOREVER.



Mariota Smokes Winston In The 40-Yard Dash

Check out this cool video that makes it look like the two QBs raced on Saturday at the NFL combine. 

Mariota ran a 4.52, while Jameis ran a 4.97.  

Gotta wonder how much this will factor in to the Bucs' decision at that No. 1 spot.




Malcolm Butler Is Still Going Unrecognized

Despite being the hero of Super Bowl XLIX, Patriots DB Malcolm Butler is still unrecognized by football fans, even while interviewing them on the street. But the guy came out of nowhere and wears a helmet, so what could he really expect? Nevertheless, at least he's got that sweet truck that Tom Brady gave him.

Via @Patriots