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OSU Strength Coach Slams Fan Who Ran On Field

Strength coaches don't mess around. Case and point: Ohio State strength coach Anthony Schlegel, who slammed this fool who ran on the field on Saturday in the Buckeye's matchup with Cincinnati. Nice assist to stadium security. Strength coaches are just a different breed.

Via ForTheWin


Jim Gaffigan's Tryout For The Indianapolis Colts

With HBO focusing on the Falcons this summer for Hard Knocks, comedian Jim Gaffigan's tryout for the Colts must have flown under the radar of NFL insiders. Well, as you probably could guess, the tryout didn't go the way Jim envisioned it.

Via Bleacher Report


Every Point In OAK-NE Scored By A '-Kowski'

File this one in the "Strange but True" category. Yep, every single point scored in Sunday's matchup between the Raiders and the Pats was scored by a dude whose last name ends with "-kowski." Polish-American football fans rejoice! 

Via SB Nation