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Johnny Football catches pass on Jet Ski

Johnny Fucking Football. Just livin' the good life, as per usual.

Via Instagram


Bridgewater compared to Willie Beamen by coach

You've got the love this! Any guesses which anonymous AFC North coach said it? I'd put Mike Tomlin as the favorite with the lesser-annoying Harbaugh brother as a distant second.

I"m pretty sure NFL scouts and coaches compared Eli Manning was compared to Jonathan Moxon from Varsity Blues when he was coming out of Ole Miss back in 2004. Who couldn't picture Eli dropping an epic "I don't want your life!" on Archie at the dinner table as a teen?

Via That Los Sports Blog


NFL ugly Christmas sweaters coming out

Christmas might be 316 days away, but Forever Collectables is getting a super-early jump on things with these awesome NFL ugly Christmas sweaters by which were recently unveiled.

The sweaters are available for all 32 teams in two different styles -- a horizontal "wordmark" design and a "busy block" design. They're available to preorder on Clark Toy's website. They also have MLB, NBA and NHL ugly Christmas sweaters available for preorder, although the pictures aren't available yet for those.

These things are pretty amazing. Clever idea to combine two holiday-season favorites -- football and ugly Christmas sweaters. The Giants wordmark one is definitely a must cop for me.