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L.T.'s Super Bowl Rings Sells for $230K


Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXV ring sold for more than $230,000 at auction held by SBC.  30 bids were placed on the New York Giants Hall of Fame linebackers ring, with the winning bid being $192,001.  After the buyer's commission was added, the final price totaled $230,401.20.  Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora who recently joined Twitter had promised to buy the ring and give it back to L.T. if his Twitter following reached 500,000. When the auction began Umenyiora's Twitter following was around 22k, at the end of the auction it had rose to 52k. Osi took to Twitter after the aution stating; "Well i guess we didnt make it to 500k for LT. But i appreciate the people who tried. #respect# you can now unfollow me.  Yikes! I guess the 450,000 let me off the hook!"  Hopefully Osi never gives up his two Super Bowl rings, and hopefully LeSean McCoy never wins one!

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