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Stevie Johnson makes rap song with The Game

Wasn't DeSean Jackson's craptastic rap enough??? In the second dose on annoying wide-receiver rapping of this week, Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills spits some bars with The Game.

Incase you don't feel like poisoning your ears with Stevie rapping, here is a summary: He makes about 45 sports references and says that he gets chicks wetter than wet suits. I'm not sure what The Game raps about, because honestly, I stopped playing the video as soon as he came on. Can we just assume he bitches about 50 Cent and name-drops a bunch of rappers like he does in all his other songs?

Also why do all these guys read their raps off their iPhones? Back in my day when rappers actually killed each other over beef, they used these. But maybe I'm just old fashioned.

The real question is who is making a worse fashion statement under their eye? Is it The Game's butterfly tattoo that he covered with a Dodgers logo? Or Stevie's pierced face? I thought only slutty 17-year-old chicks and Lil' Wayne pierced their faces.

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