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Johnny JamBoogie Stars In Snickers Commercial

Let's hope that Snickers isn't going down the same path that EAS did with Brady Quinn or Jockey did withTebow, in getting the new "it" rookie QB to endorse their product only to have them become a major NFLbust.

Meanwhile back at A&M, Johnny's replacement is already looking like money



Manziel's Replacement Lights It Up For A&M

Introducing Kenny Hill. 44-60, 511 yards, 3 TDs and 0 ints. Shit all over Johnny Football's legacy by breaking his single-game record with 511 yards. Sure it's only one game, but it was might impressive. Can't wait to see how this college football season plays out. So happy it's back.



Popeyes to sponsor inaugural Bahamas Bowl

So what if there are zero Popeyes locations in the Bahamas? They're still going to sponsor the inaugural Bahamas Bowl because, well, they're Popeyes and they'll do as they damn please. You will watch it, and you will love it.

The Bahamas Bowl will be held on Christmas Eve of this year in Nassau, Bahamas and will pit a team from Conference USA against a team from the MAC. The game will be played at Thomas Robinson Stadium, which can hold up to 30,000 fans.

Seems like a pretty good deal for the student-athletes that will be lucky enough to be playing in this game. They get a free trip during the winter to a beautiful tropical climate, and Popeyes will likely hook 'em up with plenty of coupons or gift cards to get lots of grub once they return home. 

Via SportingNews