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DeAngelo Williams' nice gesture for a marine

Great move here by Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams, as he offered up his business-class seat on a flight to Marine on Monday. It was a very thoughtful act of kindness to recognize and thank one of the many men and women who sacrifice so much to make our country such a wonderful place with their military service.

Via FOXSports


Aaron Hernandez featured in Florida calendar

These Gators calendars are killer, man.

Whoops. According to the Associated Press, the University of Florida said Tuesday that officials approved the publication months before he was charged with murder. Still, somebody's gotta come through and scrap the idea of just keeping "Mr. July" as a dude who allegedly murders at will.

But if Hernandez really killed all of those guys, don't you think the Patriots would have at least one of the murders on video?

Via Lost Letterman


Aaron Rodgers making out with Olivia Munn


Now THAT'S how you counteract rumors of being gay! Pull an absolute dime piece like Olivia Munn. Very commendable boss move. Guess Rodgers isn't as quite as douchey as he comes off in those insurance commercials.

Looks like Rodgers wasn't the only NFL QB to cozy up with a pretty young thing recently, as the paparazzi also caught this:

Via TMZ/@LicensePlateGuy