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Key & Peele as Lynch and Richard Sherman

Check out these pretty funny impersonations of the two Seahawks stars. Of course MarshawnLynch says just one this over and over. Which raises a real question. Should the Seahawks beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and Lynch wins the MVP, will he pull the same act when accepting the award? Guess we'll see if it actually happens. 

Also see: Key & Peele's newest funny-name introductions video


33 One-Handed Catches In 1 Min. By Beckham Jr.

Pretty much everything about this is amazing. First off, he didn't drop one. Secondly, he did just about everything with in a cool manner as he helped to make sure the garbage can didn't fall over and even tossed the balls back to Brees when the QB ran out.  Really smooth. I gotta get a pair of those gloves, seems like they really do the trick.



Key & Peele's Newest Introductions Video

Funny names with some funny cameos this time. Check out Key & Peeles's East/West Bowl 3. Spoiler alert: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is in it. I mean, how could he not be?

And of course, if you haven't seen the original one yet, you can check it out HERE. It's a classic.