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Every Point In OAK-NE Scored By A '-Kowski'

File this one in the "Strange but True" category. Yep, every single point scored in Sunday's matchup between the Raiders and the Pats was scored by a dude whose last name ends with "-kowski." Polish-American football fans rejoice! 

Via SB Nation


Browns Run Sweet Illegal Pass To Maziel

If only it counted! Check out this trick play that the Browns busted out on Sunday against the Ravens. Didn't count because Browns running back Terrance West didn't get set in time, plus you can't line up in that formation with the kind of trickery they tried with Manziel pretending to seek instruction from offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.

Nevertheless, you gotta give Shanahan props for attempting something that looks like it was drawn up by The Little Giants.

Via Deadspin


Lions LB Injures Himself Celebrating 

Welcome to forever having your name linked with Bill Gramatica and Gus Frerotte, Stephen Tulloch. Not sure if he was going for the doscount double-check there since they were playing Aaron Rodgers or what, but this surely wasn't what he had in mind.

Via TheScore 

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