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Lions LB Injures Himself Celebrating 

Welcome to forever having your name linked with Bill Gramatica and Gus Frerotte, Stephen Tulloch. Not sure if he was going for the doscount double-check there since they were playing Aaron Rodgers or what, but this surely wasn't what he had in mind.

Via TheScore 


Benjy from Howard Stern interrupts Goodell

Watch as Howard Stern's writer Benjy Bronk struggles with NFL security and gets the boot from Roger Goodell's domestic violence press conference on Friday. 

Is "Don't take me to an elevator" going to become the new "Don't taze me bro"?

Via Bob's Blitz


Tom Brady shares his resume from 1999

Check out the resume that Tom Brady shared on Facebook today for TBT

Brady posted it with the caption: "Really thought I was going to need this after the 5th round."

Not the case. Although, now he can update it with wife-ing up a super model, winning Super Bowls when the opponent is sneakily videotaped and losing Super Bowls to the Giants after the NFL doesn't allow that shit anymore. What a life!

Via FoxSports

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