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Peyton explains exactly what 'Omaha' means

After Peyton Manning yelled out "Omaha" 44 times against the Chargers on Sunday, it began to trend on Twitter leaving many wondering what the call meant. Well, Peyton explained on Wednesday (but not really though). Watch the video above and see if that provides any clarity. Anyone that watches the Giants on a regular basis knows that little bro Eli has been calling "Omaha" for his entire career, so this really isn't anything new.


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Peyton says he needs a Bud Light ASAP

After Peyton Manning and the Broncos topped the Chargers, 24-17, on Sunday to advance to the AFC championship, reporters in Denver asked the quarterback about a report that his future on the gridiron could be determined by an offseason exam on his surgically-repaired neck.

"You know, what's weighing on my mind is how soon I can get a Bud Light in my mouth," Manning said. Well played, Peyton. I think we all could go for a cold one right anout now.

I wish at that very moment someone tossed him a cold one, just like Stone Cold Steve Austin used to get cans of Coors Lights tossed to him in the ring back when he was wrestling.

Bud Light was undoubtedly happy about the free promotion tweeted their appreciation, as did Omaha's official tourism bureau, who also sent out a tweet after getting an uncountable number of shout outs at the line of scrimmage by Manning.

Next up, Peyton and the Broncos will host the Patriots on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. ET with a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII on the line.

Via For the Win


Michigan State does Daniel Bryan 'YES' chant

At halftime, the Michigan State football team was honored for its victory over Stanford in the Rose Bowl Jan. 1.

When Michigan State honored their Rose Bowl champion football squad at halftime of the Spartans' hoops matchup with Ohio State on Tuesday night in East Lansing, offensive guard Travis Jackson led the packed Breslin Center crowd in a "Yes! Yes! Yes!" chant modeled after the theatrics of WWE's Daniel Bryan.

Bryan's chant became popular with the Spartans after Jackson busted it out on the field in celebration of a teammate's touchdown during a 29-6 win over rival Michigan on Nov. 2. They also did the chant as a team in the locker room following their 34-24 Big 12 Championship Game win over Ohio State on Dec. 7.

The Spartans were again victorious against the Buckeyes on Tuesday as they won the basketball game, 72-68, in overtime. To add insult to injury for Ohio State, MSU fans chanted "Just like football!" as the game ended.

Have some time to kill? You can watch Bryan chant "Yes! Yes! Yes!" for 10 hours (yes, 10 hours) in the video below.

Via @SportsCenter / SB Nation / College Spun

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