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Aaron Rodgers making out with Olivia Munn


Now THAT'S how you counteract rumors of being gay! Pull an absolute dime piece like Olivia Munn. Very commendable boss move. Guess Rodgers isn't as quite as douchey as he comes off in those insurance commercials.

Looks like Rodgers wasn't the only NFL QB to cozy up with a pretty young thing recently, as the paparazzi also caught this:

Via TMZ/@LicensePlateGuy


Arrested Alabama fan: 'I'm innocent. Roll Tide'

Well, if getting busted for drugs in Alabama pajama pants and saying "Roll Tide" to a reporter while in handcuffs doesn't just scream Alabama, I'm not sure what does.

Of note: I love how the cop can't help but crack a smile when the guy says "Role Tide."

Perhaps Nick Saban can have the boys in blue just sleep this one under the rug for a loyal fan?

Full video ("Roll Tide moment at 0:58):

Via NY Daily News


Bama grocery store sells 'Winston' crab legs

You knew it was only a matter of time until this happened. Such a funny situation, these jokes basically write themselves. All of these Jameis Winston/crab legs jokes and memes make me laugh. I can't get enough of 'em. This is definitely my favorite one:

Here are a few more memes from a list of the funniest ones compiled by

Via For The Win / @NFL_memes / Daily Snark

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