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Charlie Sheen reportedly bought LT's Super Bowl XXV ring

After two-time Super Bowl champion Osi Umenyiora fell short of buying Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl XXV ring, the story took an interesting twist on Thursday, when Jay Glazer tweeted that LT's agent got word that Charlie Sheen was the high-bidder for the ring, which sold for more than $230,00.

Both LT and Sheen are on the Mt. Rushmore of coked-up party animals. But are they boys?  Could Sheen perhaps come through and do what Osi didn't, and give LT the ring back? I wouldn't be surprised if LT hosted Sheen at some of the craziest coked-up hooker bangin' marathons that the 80’s had to offer. These guys must have snorted lines off the same hooker’s tits at some point, so maybe Sheen will give it back to LT.

Sheen is an absolute baller when it comes to sports memorabilia. He owns Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring, and at one time even owned the Bill Buckner ball before selling it.

While it is  a shame that LT had to sell his Super Bowl XXV ring, atleast he has also has another ring from winning XXI, that is, unless he traded that one for some blow back in '92 or something like that. Either way the man is the best defensive player in NFL history and has won two rings, while the Filth-a-delphia Eagirls still haven't won one. If Osi really wanted to make a statement, he should've bought the ring and given it to LeSean McCoy, that way an Eagle could get the experience of receiving a ring.