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Eli Does Reddit 'Ask Me Anything'

Check out some of the highlights of two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning's Reddit AMA via NESN. Eli answers questions on "Manning Face," beer and *NSYNC, among other things. But my favorite part is when someone asks him if he could throw up the Wu-Tang sign after a TD, and Eli responds with, " What is the Wu Tang sing?" Amazing. Lets hope Eli learns how to throw up the W and we see this happen Week 1.


David Wilson posts weird video dressed as bunny

While the rest of his team was anticipating a Week 7 Monday Night Football matchup against the Vikings, injured Giants running back spent Sunday night posting a pair of bazaar videos dressed as a bunny.

Wilson, who is currently out with neck injury, dances in front of New York City's Penn Station in the first video which he uploaded with a "Mann/rabbit #bored I want some Starbucks LMAOO" caption. In the second video, Wilson uses the "N word" and shows off some food he ordered from Dominos.

This is not exactly the kind of behavior coach Tom Coughlin would approve of. Wilson, who is best known for fumbling like crazy in Week 1 losses to the Cowboys in consecutive years, really needs to grow up. I understand that he's not going to play in Monday night's game, but he can at least act like he gives a sh!t. How about posting something about how you're hungry to return to the field instead of hungry for pizza? If he's so bored, how about watching some film or studying the playbook instead of roaming the streets like a buffoon dressed as a bunny when you are a grown man?

The Giants had hoped to pick Doug Martin in the 2012 Draft until the Bucs traded up to get the spot in front of the Giants to take Martin with the 31st pick. Looks like the Giants might have settled for a total bust, unless Wilson quickly has an attitude adjustment.

Via Instagram


NY Giants Fan Calls Francessa, Wants Tebow

via: YouTube

Obviously Tebow isn't coming to the Giants, but why he is not a Jaguar by now is beyond me.  Is that Jacksonville owner afraid he may win some games and jeopardize his chances at big time bust Teddy Bridgewater?