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Did T.O. really wear a Packers shirt?

When T.O. showed up to his first press conference on his first day as a Seattle Seahawk, people wondered why he was wearing a Green Bay Packers undershirt. Turns out it wasn't a Packers logo, but a logo for G-Rip Apparel, which Owens is a co-founder of. But you have to admit, at first glace, it really looks just like a Packers logo on Owens' chest.

What seperates T.O.'s G-Rip shirt from the popular Under Armor types, is that has a special grip patches that help the ball stick to the inner forearm and biceps areas while a player is carrying the ball. Think of the material on the palms of receivers gloves, but on a shirt.

G-Rip's Twitter says that the shirts will be available on the company's website next month.

Owens, who wore No. 81 his entire career, sported a No. 10 Seahawks jersey on Wednesday after Golden Tate refused to give up his number to the future Hall of Famer.

 Chad "Ochicinco" Johnson will be pushing the G-Rip shirts along with T.O.