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Sammy Watkins Tackled On Early Celebration

Watch as Sammy Watkins gets caught slippin' on Sunday afternoon at the Meadowlands. Major case of premature celebration. Can't counting your chicken before they hatch, as the old folks say.

But let's give credit where credit is due: Great hustle by Jets wide receiver Saalim Hakim (hey, that rhymes) on a Don Beebe-like effort.

Via Sporting News


Jets fan flips the fuck out because they suck

I'm pretty sure life-long Jets fan, The Guru, also repeatedly yells "Fuck You" at his TV while flipping it off when he's watching his favorite team struggle on offense every Sunday. How could he or any other Jets fan not?

The guy in this video is the new Fireman Ed. He's the voice of the people at MetLife Stadium when the Jets play. He represents the tortured souls of Jets fans perfectly. He'd would rather get kicked out of the game than have to watch anymore -- sums up life as a Jets fan perfectly right now.

Via The Big Lead


Geno Smith A No-Show at Jets Camp West

via: New York Daily News

Jets QB Mark Sanchez is conducting his fourth annual Jets West workouts and "team bonding" ( do any of the Jets actually like Sanchez?) in Southern California.  Jets rookie QB Geno Smith was no show to the voluntary workouts.

The New York Daily News reported the following condradicting quotes from Smith:

The former WVU star gave an odd “no comment” during minicamp when asked if he would attend Jets West.

A day after giving his “no comment” in minicamp, Smith addressed the media again to clarify his previous statement.

“Sure, sure,” Smith said about going to Jets West at the time. “We haven’t talked about it, but from my understanding it’s something that’s done annually and all the guys go out there and it’s been a great experience. Mark hasn’t officially extended the hand to me but I’m pretty sure there’s no problem there. I’m more than willing to go there.”

Sanchez told the News that “everyone” was invited to Jets West.