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Detroit Free Press uses the wrong Harbaugh

Yep, that's a picture of John on the cover wearing his headset and Ravens hat. A rather unfortunate error.

Although, returning Michigan players probably wish that it indeed is John that's coming to town to coach in Ann Arbor. Jim seems like SUCH a dick.

Via @DarrenRovell


Emmanuel Sanders does the Ray Lewis dance

Just as Terrell Owens did back in 2004, Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders audacity to mock Ray Lewis by doing the Ravens legend's signature dance in the endzone after scoring a touchdown. In this case, Sanders' TD came on an eight yard catch from Ben Roethlisberger in the third quarter, but Pittsburgh fell to Baltimore, 22-20, on Thursday night at M&T Bank Stadium.

So disrespectful! It takes some set of balls to just mock an alleged double murderer like that.

Via @cjzero


RG III dissed on Mexican Menu in Baltimore

Pretty clever jab here by Nacho Mama’s, a popular Mexican joint in Baltimore.

BUT, any Mexican place in D.C. can fire back on their menu with: "The two enchilada combo comes with two enchiladas, the same number of people 'allegedly' murdered by Ray Lewis."

Or they can just name a new dish the: "Where's the fucking white suit, Ray?"

Via For the Win