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Rex Ryan runs with the bulls in Spain

We all know that Rex Ryan is a wild dude. A toe-sucking, questionable tattoo-getting wild dude. Well, the Jets coach kicked it up another notch on Monday when he went runnin' with the bulls.  Rex was joined by his son, Seth, who will walk-on to the Clemson football squad as a freshman. Pretty cool trip for some bonding as long as nobody gets hurt.

Via Busted Coverage. Photo via Ben Patton.


Rex Ryan's tattoo of his wife in a Sanchez jersey

Take a look at Rex Ryan's tattoo which was revealed while the Jets coach was vacationing in the Bahamas. That's right, it is his wife, Michelle, wearing a No. 6 Mark Sanchez Jets jersey.

You just can't make this stuff up! No wonder why he remained so loyal to Sanchez this season.

The photo was snapped while Ryan caught some rays on Thursday at the Cove Atlantis resort and appeared on the cover of Friday's New York Daily News with a "Kinky Inky" headline.

When he was approached by a Daily News reporter, Ryan cursed at him and waived him away.

“Oh, s---,” Ryan said, before storming away with his wife.

That tattoo above the one of his wife is a shamrock featuring the names of his children. You have to wonder when he had the Sanchez ink done. Probably back when it seemed Sanchez had a bright future in New York, which at this point seems like a lifetime ago, instead of just a few years ago.

Even with their season over, the Jets remain the car wreck on the side of the road that people just can't look away from.

 Via NY Daily News


Rex Ryan ran over on sideline

Down goes Frazier Ryan! Watch as Bills tight end Scott Chandler trucks Jets coach Rex Ryan after a catch during the fourth quarter of New York's 48-28 win over Buffalo on Sunday. Marv Albert referred to Ryan as svelte after the knockdown. Hopefully his lap band didn't get knocked out of place. Seems like the extra weight would have come in hand on that collision. Ryan of course got up and joked with Chandler by getting in his face and asking if that was all he had.