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Jerry Sandusky is an NY Islanders Fan?


Is this some sort of sick joke???  The above is the actual picture and advertisement from the New York Islanders website for some holiday ticket package.  Is that Jerry Sandusky in his Penn State track suit?  Was this the work of an intern working for the Islanders as a prank?  The Mouth called the Islanders ticket office today for comment.  Mr. Mouth was hung up on several times (could not stop laughing when asking if that is actually Sandusky in the picture).  Then I was given to a supervisor "Mike" who asked me "who is Jerry Sandusky". After going into graphic detail on the criminal charges against Sandusky, Mike hung up on The Mouth as well, but not before I could tell him what a dump the Nassau Coliseum is and get a "Potvin SUCKS" chant in.  And you Islander fans wonder why your team is a joke, take no further look than the above promotion.