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Scoreboard operator falls asleep during Cubs/Mets

Check out the Wrigley Field scoreboard operator sleeping on the job like he's Mike Francesa during the Cubs' 2-1 win over the Mets on Tuesday night in Chicago.

As Mets broadcaster Keith Hernandez noted, this dude will likely get canned -- but hey, staying awake to watch two teams this bad can't be an easy task. Hopefully he'll find a new job soon, it looks like he's got all the qualifications to work the overnight security shift at the Freedom Tower in New York.



Fan hits soccer Player with paper airplane

Check out this direct hit all the way from the upper deck at Wembley Stadium when England topped Peru, 3-0, on Thursday. I'm kinda surprised the dude didn't fall to the ground like he was hit with a ton of bricks the way these soccer players flop. I don't know why I get so much enjoyment out of dumb shit like the, but I found this hilarious.

Via SI Extra Mustard


Arrested Alabama fan: 'I'm innocent. Roll Tide'

Well, if getting busted for drugs in Alabama pajama pants and saying "Roll Tide" to a reporter while in handcuffs doesn't just scream Alabama, I'm not sure what does.

Of note: I love how the cop can't help but crack a smile when the guy says "Role Tide."

Perhaps Nick Saban can have the boys in blue just sleep this one under the rug for a loyal fan?

Full video ("Roll Tide moment at 0:58):

Via NY Daily News


African Jay Z and Solange battle in elevator

I don't know why I find this as funny as I do, but this really makes me crack up. Some pretty funny one-liners in this spoof video.

Via @MicahelBlackson


Funny video: NBA2K14 In Real Life #2

Check out these kids making a hilarious reenactment of the popular video game. Anyone who plays this game knows just how spot on these dudes are. Very funny stuff.

In this video you will see (in order):
-charge cheese
-open player wide open for three then cuts to the basket right when ----you pass
-spin move steal cheese to pull up 3 fast break
-an alley oop and the player runs out of bounds
-behind the backboard swish
-trying to go for the steal then intentionally foul
-free throw A- bs
-terrible passing
-bounce pass out of bounds when wide open
-the ball being to DAMN heavy to catch animation
-getting shoved out of bounds
-players jumping for block, then kicking the ball like fifa, then full court fail pass, yes this is all 1 scene
-timeout jersey glitch
-awkward floater
-the last couple of shots is the script of 2k were the other team will -always come back

Via @JesseRtheLazer