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'Rappers Delight' by Brian Williams & Lester Holt

Jimmy Fallon continues to kill it in his first week of "The Tonight Show" on NBC. Check out this amazing video of Brian Williams rapping "Rappers Delight" -- and just when you though Lester Holt's street cred couldn't possible get any higher, he comes in of like a bat out hell and spits flames. Triple-O.G. status for Holt, for sure.

Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Also See: Brian Williams raps "Nuttin' But a G Thang" and Brian Williams raps "Regulate"


Soccer Ref Lays Player Out With a Headbutt


Everyone enjoys watching players take out referees by mistake.  In this clip the referee gets revenge for all those accidents, unknowingly running into Palmeiras midfielder Jorge Valdivia during the Sao Paulo derby with Corinthians.  The ref headbutts the Chilean star, leaving him flat out on the pitch.

This play looks like it was something out of the WWE.  Is this guy the Danny Davis of Chilian soccer referees?


Dog Runs on Soccer Pitch and Takes a Shit

via: Next Impulse Sports

You think Putin would ever like this happen in Russia???  No fucken way!  Oh yeah, this game was in Argentina.


Spencer Hawes' Toilet Paper has Obama on it

Philadelphia 76ers guard Evan Turner posted a picture to his Instagram account of the toilet paper at teammate Spence Hawes' house.  Apparently Hawes is a big time republican and his toilet paper has pictures of President Barack Obama on it.  Turner noted on Instagram that he "refused" to use th toilet papaer and that he had "mudbutt."  Gross dude!!!


Mavs Music Mix Cd or Cassette 

via: dallasmavericks

The musical compilation you all have been anticipating, has finally arrived. The Dallas Mavericks sing all the classics. You won't believe you ears! Call and order your CD today.

Honestly, how could you not want to play for the Mavericks?  Cuban takes care of the team with awesome facilities and the players are always acting like a high school team.  I think the Mavs Music Mix Cd or Cassette may be the funniest yet.  Check out the others:
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