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'Snow Jogger' busts her ass jogging on snow

This chick kinda had this coming, right? Literally fell right off her high horse.

"It's the perfect texture for running, very low impact and it's dry snow so your feet don't get wet." Dry snow? Ummm, not exactly.

Perhaps her fall could have been avoided if her jacket was more reflective?

Via Bob's Blitz


Seahawks Guess Lindsay Czarniak's Weight 

via: ESPN

The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks tried to guess (pregnant) SportsCenter anchor Lindsay Czarniak's weight Friday by picking her up during the show.

Can't believe this chick only weights 138 and is a month from giving birth.


Roger Federer & Lionel Messi's New Commercial

via: GilletteLA

Lionel Messi & Roger Federer Trading Places Gillette #InnerSteel
When the world's best soccer and tennis players meet, who knows what to expect? Together for the first time, both Lionel Messi and Roger Federer are transported from reality to fantasy - experiencing something uniquely different each time they use one of the new country-specific Gillette Special Edition razors. Both are confronted by the unrivaled passion and mental toughness required of all athletes and fans who drive to win-- defined as "Inner Steel."

Not a bad commercial, but we know who really was the master of all sports...


Italian basketball coach has epic blow-up

This guy rules. Love his meltdown swag. This needs to be reenacted in English by Keanu Reeves.

Via Image CPR Sports


Axl Rose Rips the Red Hot Chili Peppers

via: Twitter & Billboard

The greatest rock n roll star that ever lived Axl Rose penned a open letter to Billboard ripping the karaoke performance of the Red Hot Chili Peppers at half-time of the Super Bowl.  My favorite line from the letter:

Maybe they all had microchips installed in their asses and not only pick up the frequencies of their instruments but get Direct TV and the internet too! Like Google Glass... Google Ass! They could be "Scientific Pioneers!" Like Buzz Aldrin and shit! True (pardon the pun)ASS-tro-nots! Or like Superbowl crash test dummies for bands kinda like those cars that drive themselves!