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Kate Hansen's Olympic dance set to 'Pony'

US Olympic luger Kate Hansen said that she dances as a warm-up routine because a broken foot limits what she can do to warm up. Seriously, she said that. She also said that she strictly dances to only Beyonce, but somebody decided to set her dance to Ginuwine's 1996 hit "Pony" on YouTube. The results is nothing short of hilarious.

Side note: Ginuwine may have fallen off the map into the category of relative obscurity as far as R&B singers go, but not here at In fact, this is our second post on the guy in less than a month. Check out the first, which is also hilarious, HERE.

Via Bob's Blitz


OUCH! Olympic Computer Foul!

 Check out this Jamaican team at the 2012 Olympic Village catching Bill Gates for a quick star struck photo opt using ... an iPad?!

Oooo, thats awkward!