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Tim Tebow's S.B. Commercial is Awesome

via: T-Mobile

You can do a lot without a contract, just ask Tim Tebow! T-Mobile wants you to be free from contracts, too. That's why we're paying for you to switch to T-Mobile from those other guys!

Just a great idea for a commercial.  Nice to see Timmy showing some personality!


Tebowing man knocks teen off lawn mower

Where to start? This is without a doubt the funniest video I've seen in a while. Kid attempts to turn his sit-down lawn mower around in the street -- dude jumps out of his car -- clotheslines him off the mower -- Tebows -- then drives away. Doesn't say one word to the kid. Amazing. Simply Amazing! Pure Gold!

Now who would do such a thing? Just who is this mysterious man who drove off in a maroon colored older Chrysler? I'm 100% sure that it was Jets owner Woody Johnson.

Read the full deatils of the story here.