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Mickey Rourke wins boxing match at 62

Actor Mickey Rourke, who is 62, beat 29-year-old Pasadena, California native Elliot Seymour in an exhibition match at concert hall in Moscow, Russia on Friday. 

Rourke knocked Elliot to the canvas twice in the second round before the referee stopped the fight.

It was the first match in 20 years for Rourke, who had six wins and two draws during a three-year boxing career when he took a break from acting in the 90s. Rourke, who said he lost 35 ponds for the match, woretrunks that bore his ring nickname from the 90s, Marielito, which means "always handsome" in Spanish.

No matter what you think the fight,  Rourke is an extremely tough guy, especially at that age. Yeah, he's out there, but still tough. He says he plans to have another match in Russia in the near future.



NASCAR Brawl: Jeff Gordon VS. Keselowski

Watch as a massive brawl breaks out between Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski and their crews after Sunday's Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway. Kevin Harvick even got things started a shove on Keselowski.

All of this comes less than a month after Matt Kenseth punched Keselowski after a race.

Gotta love how this shit is turning into WWE! 



'Furious 7' Official Trailer Unveiled

This thing is certain to be a box-office smash. The trailer got over 3 million hits in the first 13 hours.

The thing that really interests me about this movie is how far the finish product will differ from what the original plot due to Paul Walker's death. We'll probably never know how the storyline was revamped, but it would be interesting if it was ever revealed. It would be pretty cool if they revealed that info later in the DVD or something like that.

"Furious 7" comes out on April 3, 2015.


Scottish soccer players do 'RKO' celebration

Check out this video of these players from Dundee bustin' out a celebration worthy of praise from "The Viper" himself.

Very funny stuff. They should go old school and bust out the Diamond-Cutter or Stone-Cold Stunner next time.

And check out a compilation of the funniest RKO outta nowhere Vines below.



Matt Kenseth Punches Brad Keselowski

How could you not love this shit? Doesn't even seem real. Seems like it's a WWE fight where somebody gets attacked while getting interviewed backstage and a buch of fake security guards get their asses kicked while trying to break it up. Awesome!

Via USA Today