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Dr. James Andrews get his own Topps card

Look out Jose Abreu, you might have some competition when it comes to having the hottest rookie card this summer. Check out this Dr. James Andrews card, which is included in the new Topps Allen & Ginter collection. 

Featuring a piece of a player's game-used jersey in the card in nothing new, but Topps may have went went a little overboard here by including a swatch of the prominent orthopedic surgeon's scrubs in the card. Kind of weird. Whatever the case, Topps has also included autographed Dr. Andrews cards in packs.

Dr. Andrew's patient list is a who's who of Hall of Famers and elites from all sports, including Drew Brees, Michael Jordan, Matt Harvey, Albert Pujols, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, Troy Aikman, Tom Brady, CC Sabathia, John Smoltz, Bo Jackson, Sam Bradford, RGIII and Jack Nicklaus -- just to name a few. A more detailed patient list can be found HERE.

It's amazing that in a field of incredibly smart people like orthopedic surgeons, one man stands out like Dr. Andrews does. These players are always flying all the way to Birmingham, Ala. to see him. The dude deserves major props for his all-out domination in his field. While a trading card of a doctor is definitely different, it surely is a cool way to recognize a very important man in the sports world.

Via Newsday


MLS player takes selfie right after scoring goal

Take that Joe Horn! Watch as Sporting Kansas City forward Dom Dwyer celebrates his goal in Sunday's 1-1 draw against the Chicago Fire by running over to a bunch of fans and snapping a selfie.

Pretty outlandish celebration to accompany the in-game confetti raining down. Way to celebrate.

Dwyer received a yellow card for his antics, which I'm sure made Roger Goodell happy.



Chuck D shares letter 2Pac wrote him in prison

Check out this very interesting letter spotted by our friends at Free on Smash, which was written from Tupac to Chuck D. back when Pac was serving time in Upstate New York at Clinton Correctional Facility on a sexual assault charge in September of 1995. Plenty can be taken away from Tupac's letter, including his crazy admiration and respect for Chuck along with his eagarness to get back to work when he'd be released. Very cool to get an inside look with this private letter from Chuck all these years later.


Fallon introduces U.S. team in funny fashion

Check out Jimmy Fallon goofin' on our boys from the U.S. World Cup squad as he gets his audience familiar with the team while adding some funny "facts."



Fan hits soccer Player with paper airplane

Check out this direct hit all the way from the upper deck at Wembley Stadium when England topped Peru, 3-0, on Thursday. I'm kinda surprised the dude didn't fall to the ground like he was hit with a ton of bricks the way these soccer players flop. I don't know why I get so much enjoyment out of dumb shit like the, but I found this hilarious.

Via SI Extra Mustard