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Watch Puig get arrested wearing pink shorts

When Yasiel Puig was arrested by Florida police for driving 110 MPH recently, he should have been busted by the fashion police too. Pink shorts are a tough look to pull off and should strictly be reserved for hot chicks between the ages of 18-24 only.

To make it worse, he had his mom in the car with him while driving that fast. Clean it up, Puig. Clean it up.

Via TMZ Sports


Shawn Kemp Kamikaze 1s return on Jan. 17

Reebok has announced that Shawn Kemp's first signature sneaker, The Kamikaze, is set to make a triumphant return on Jan. 17. These are the same sneakers that The Reign Man wore in 1994, a year in which Kemp threw down countless alley-oops from Gary Payton and undoubtedly impregnated countless women throughout the Seattle area and world-wide.

Take a stroll down memory lane with some classic pics of Kemp in his Kamikazes:

New Yorkers will also remember that St. John's wore these in black and red during the Felipe Lopez days back when Lopez was supposed to be "The Next Big Thing."

Photos via Kicks on Cards, Fat Shawn Kemp and Sole Collector


Carrie Underwood on hand for husband's fight

Country music star Carrie Underwood was in the building in Nashville on Monday night as the Predators took on the Red Wings where and also saw her husband, Mike Fisher, take on Detroit center Joakim Andersson.

As far as hockey fights go, this wasn't anything to write home about, with no punches landing on anyone's face. Fisher appears to win the battle though, taking Andersson to the ground before it gets broken up. Underwood was shown in a suite where she displayed restraint with her emotion as one of her friends gave her a high-five, but we all know that deep down she was really proud of her husband.

The Preds won the game, 6-4.

Via Busted Coverage/


Golf Cart gets combined with Electric Skateboard

Check out the Golf Skate Caddy. Seems like a pretty fun way to get around the links.

Via Complex


Rap lyrics signs put up at actual locations in LA

New York artist Jay Shells had the clever idea of taking his Rap Quotes project out West. Follow along in the video above as he hits the streets of L.A. and installs official-looking street signs featuring hip hop lyrics of Snoop DoggXzibit, Warren G, Notorious B.I.G., Kendrick Lamar and more at the exact locations called out in each “Rap Quote.”

Jay originally did this in New York back in March. That video can be seen below. Very cool idea.

Via Animal/Miss Info