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Scottish soccer players do 'RKO' celebration

Check out this video of these players from Dundee bustin' out a celebration worthy of praise from "The Viper" himself.

Very funny stuff. They should go old school and bust out the Diamond-Cutter or Stone-Cold Stunner next time.

And check out a compilation of the funniest RKO outta nowhere Vines below.



Meet WWE's No. 1 WAG Brandi Reed

Say hello to Brandi Reed. She's a model and swimwear designer who is currently dating WWE superstar Cody Rhodes. She's a graduate of the University of Michigan and was a news reporter in Michigan two years before pursuing more modeling gigs. She became a ring announcer for WWE last year under the name Eden Styles. In December she was released from her WWE contract at her request.

Her boyfriend Cody is of course the son of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes and the half-brother of Goldust, and his sister is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Brandi seriously needs a reality show like right now. The thought of her having a family dinner with Cody, Dusty, Goldust and a Cowboys cheerleader seems entertaining as hell.

Check out more pics of her in the Brandi Reed MugShots gallery.


The Rock Returns for Raw's 1000th Episode

The Rock appeared on WWE's Monday Night Raw to announce that he will wrestle for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble.  The next WWE Royal Rumble will not take place until January 27th, 2013.  While the Rock was making the announcement, in the ring was current WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan who was stood up at the alter by AJ Lee a few moments earlier.  The Rock presented Bryan with a wedding gift, THE ROCK BOTTOM!!!  Will CM Punk still hold the belt in January 2013 and face the Rock?

Update: WWE Monday Night Raw ended with CM Punk turning heel and knocking The Rock out with his finishing move, Go To Sleep.