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UFC Rankings: Bantamweight

I'm on a quest to accurately rank the top fighters in each division and it begins with arguably one of the most exciting weight classes in the sport. Although UFC 149's Bantamweight Main Event was similar to paint drying, this division is home to some of the quickest and most energetic fighters in the world. My list opens in no particular order, since a torn ACL has sidelined Dominick Cruz and nobody knows how he will be when he comes back. But since he's the champ:


1. Dominick Cruz- His knee injury will keep him out of training for another several months, which means we won't see him in action for at least six months. Let's just say he's been keeping busy, showing these ladies why they call him "The Dominator". Wha-Pow!


2. Renan Barao- The number one contender is usually decided through a "Money in the Bank" ladder match, but Renan handled his business in the cage against one of the faces of the division. He holds an impressive 29-1 record at the tender age of 25. Tito Ortiz is like 40 and he only fought 28 times. Grinding out decision after decision, Renan has been rising up the ranks the hard way.


3. Urijah Faber- I know he just lost to Renan Barao, and other rankings may have him lower, but his ability to finish is undeniable. In addition to that, his chin looks like my ass.


4. Michael McDonald- This 21 year old kid has been killing lately, ending each of his last 2 fights in the first round via referee stoppage. He is clearly on the radar and I believe he has the potential to run this division in due time. He is also the youngest fighter in the entire UFC, so don't be surprised if they let him develop before he gets a title shot. To be honest, his skills seem to be there enough to get him a shot at the Interim belt, but we'll see. His only downside is having to share the same name as the popular singer and that guy who plays Stuart in Mad TV. When asked if he plans to continue finishing fights in the UFC, he responded "Yah Mo B There!"


5. Brad "One Punch" Pickett- He can probably knock me out with one punch, but he hasn't had a knockout in 4 years. It's about time to change that, or lose the moniker. He is set to fight Yves Jabouin in September. Jabouin is going to be a formidable opponent indeed, holding a 3-0 record since dropping to Bantamweight. Alternating between wins and losses over his last 4 fights, Pickett is looking to solidify his position among the elite of the division and get a decent win streak going. At age 33, this next fight is crucial on his road to the promise land.


Next time your watching the fights with your friends....or alone....start spewing this knowledge about these fighters and you will be sure to look like you know what your talking about. Unless you're alone, then it would just be weird.

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